we have inventory!! finally!

Thank you for your patience! We have finally received a few shipments and we have some D Cell and C Cell kits available! We're still waiting on a few more boxes (hopefully without delay) but we're excited to have some kits available for you guys! Woo! Bout time!

Everybody stay safe and  protected! 

We very much appreciate your business and your patience with us during this time. We are firm believers in being prepared and supplied for anything that comes along.

 If you need anything at all, give us a holler! 

We've got your 6!

God Bless yall and stay safe! 


our mission


High Quality Products with a Full Refund Policy if not satisfied

We believe in the quality of our products and have a full refund policy if you are unhappy in any way with our service or the quality of our products.


Customer Satisfaction

We believe in customer loyalty and are 100% dedicated to helping you have a pleasant experience when working with us. We attempt to exceed your expectations as far as loyalty, service and satisfaction with every transaction. If you are ever not completely satisfied, please don't hesitate to let us know.


We Support Our Troops and Our Veterans

Our mission is simple. Veterans Helping Veterans. A percentage of our profit from each item we sell goes directly to The  Wounded Warriors Support Group of Oklahoma. We believe that, in combat or not, not one warrior should ever left behind.