frequently asked questions

Do you sell suppressors/silencers?

The answer is no we do not. All of our cleaning kits and oil filter adapters are for CLEANING PURPOSES ONLY! What we sell are cleaning solvent traps

Are your cleaning kits legal to purchase?

Yes, they are legal unless they have been modified or altered to turn into a silencer/suppressor. We follow NFA and ATF rules and regulations for firearms.

Do I need a license or tax stamp to buy a cleaning kit?

No. These are not suppressors. You can own one and purchase one without having a license

How do I know what size thread I need?

If you'll look at our handy "Thread Sizes" Section, we have most barrel thread sizes listed. If not, just ask us!

What's the proper size cleaning kit for my firearm?

There is another chart under our Cleaning Kits section that will show you dimensions of our kits. this should tell you what size kit you should need.